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Tips for Dressing up or Formal Night on your Cruise

Crusing fromal nightMost cruises have a night where you are required to dress up formally for a dinner or event of some sort.  This is an exciting night on the cruise where you get to dress up when normally you wouldn’t have the chance.  There are many different ways you can choose to dress up for the event, so start thinking and start shopping.

Men can dress in some really nice dress slacks with a crisply pressed dress shirt and tie.  They could also spruce things up and wear a nice suit fitted perfectly to them.  There are so many options – pinstripe, herringbone, subtle plaids, and solid colors.  There are tons of options available and they all look studly.  You can even pick between 2 and 3 piece suits – of course anyone who’s anyone knows that 3 piece suits are the way to go.

You can go to the barber to get a nice shave with their fancy barber shaving supplies.  It’ll be like 1920 – on a cruise, all fancy for dinner, visiting the barber, etc.

Women can shop all day long looking for a nice dress to wear to the event.  Shorter formal dresses (also known as cocktail dresses) are popular right now – hitting at the knee, above the knee, or at the thigh.  They come in all colors and styles.  You can get sleeves, straps, strapless, red, blue, green, beaded, lace, etc.  There are limitless options.  You can pick whatever makes you happy.  Aside from shorter dresses there are still plenty of full length gowns on the market.  You can make your fairy tale princess dreams a reality and dress up in a beautiful gown.

Chances are you’ll have a nice salon on board your cruise ship where you can get your hair done up if you’d prefer to have a professional do it for you.  It’ll be a like a regular prom redo.  Fancy dress, cute guy in a nice suit, music, food – what could possibly go wrong?

If you’re looking for a nice outfit to wear for the formal night on your cruise you can start by choosing a style that will flatter your body.  Next you can pick a color that will flatter your skin tone and eyes.  Finally you can go pick out some nice shoes and other accessories.  Shopping for a formal event can be a bit overwhelming, but is incredibly fun in the end.  You’ll love your night of romance on the open seas.